TearScanTM 300 MicroAssay System.

ATD’s next generation TearScanTM 300 MicroAssay System is now being installed in ophthalmic and optometric clinics. This unit provides real-time Point-Of-Care quantitative results for ATD’s Lactoferrin and IgE tear diagnostic tests. A test report is automatically generated for lab records or patients charts and it can be directly linked to your EMR system.The system can archive 60,000 patient records and is wireless and bluetooth compatible.

Contact ATD about the TearScanTM System to learn how you can improve patient care and reduce doctor chair time with these FDA cleared, CMS/Private Insurance reimbursable tests.

Tear Diagnostic Tests

ATD offers two tear diagnostic tests, lactoferrin and IgE, to assist clinics with their diagnosis of dry eye and ocular allergies.

Product Benefits

For Patients:

  • Painless, non-invasive tear sample used in test
  • Correct diagnosis and treatment can be prescribed on first visit
  • More targeted and effective treatment for eye discomfort

For Clinics:

  • Improved and more efficient patient care
  • Tests are simple, accurate, rapid, inexpensive and reimbursable
  • Lf tests assess lacrimal gland function and aid the assessing etiology of Dry Eye Syndrome
  • IgE tests provide quantitative assessment of the allergic component of ocular inflammation
  • Tests aid in the selection of more suitable LASIK candidates assisting in providing improved outcomes
  • Tests can be performed by a technician and reduce doctor chair time

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