The team at Advanced Tear Diagnostics is proud to have pioneered the development of a point of care lab system specifically designed for Optometrists and Ophthalmologists. It was the first to receive FDA approval for the diagnostic testing of tears.

Clinical Benefits of ATD’s Diagnostic Tests by Patient Type

Patient Type Benefits More Information
Dry Eye or Allergy Complaint Determines underlying cause See diagnostic test
application table
Contact Lens User Manage and retain patients
LASIK, PRK, Prem Channel IOL
& Other Ocular Surgery
Pre-surgical evaluation



Key Practice Benefits of ATD’s Diagnostic Tests

Benefits Specifics More Information
Average gross margin is
$38 / patient1
See profitability table
Accurate High sensitivity & specificity % See data sheets:  Lf   IgE
Efficient Produces chart, lab report
and/or links to EMR2
See sample report
Reimbursable CMS & private insurance CPT codes:
Lf – 83520,   IgE – 82785
Low Cost Break-even is typically less than 3 months Contact ATD

1) Based on national reimbursement averages

2) Bluetooth/USB connectivity to printers; EMR link requires code from EMR provider

Additional benefits of adopting of ATD’s TearScanTM diagnostic system:

  • Increases available physician time, as tests are technician driven.
  • Allows for the grading of disease severity.
  • Enhances the ability to assess treatment efficacy.
  • Improves patient flow efficiencies.
  • Comes in a compact, simple and affordable lab testing platform.

These tests are currently being used to improve patient care in the areas of dry eye, ocular immunology, ocular allergy and ocular surgery including LASIK.